God is a Verb!

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God is Real. God is a Haunting Presence – an authentic, dynamic force that transforms my inner world by calling me forth to change the world out there (or, at least, to challenge wherever true life is subverted, debased, constricted, corrupted, sabotaged, suppressed, undermined, confounded, marginalized, and / or silenced).

[Image: “Creative Commons BP726 Rainbow Modified” by Charles Tilford is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Desaturated from original (text added)]

God is not a noun that demands to be defined —

supreme being




God does not exist

 is not a “being”

 cannot intervene

 is not an excuse

 nor a magician

God is a verb that invites us

to live

to love

to be

God insists, calls, nudges

nags, entices, challenges

confronts, jogs, badgers

torments, needles, pester


The insistence exists

it may come as an unheard inner voice

but it comes, it is real

the calling persists

it may only be a nagging nudge

but it calls, it is real

the invitation entices

it may be beyond observation

but it invites, it is real

the challenge confronts

it may only an internal wrestling

but it challenges, it is real

God is the name we attach

to that which is    godly





to the     insistence




which moves us  beyond ourselves toward others

to care for orphans and widows

to show hospitality to strangers

to care for the poor

to seek out the least, last, lost, left out

to find solidarity with the marginalized

draws out     abundant life

compassionate watchfulness

persistent presence

God does not exist and yet for me…


God is the name we give to that which results from the insistence, the calling, the invitation, the challenge. God is the name we give to the  courage to be, to demand better, to resist empire through insurrection rather than violence or revolution, to meet power with love, and to rejoice greatly!

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